811 Retail Incubator

811 Retail Incubator

CLOSED to Public, but a Work Day for retail-focused business owners to participate in programming.In response to the challenges faced by retail-based entrepreneurs, particularly those in the undervalued urban areas of Kansas City, we’ve developed a program that aims to create a more equitable playing field. Our PHKC 811 Retail Incubator seeks to provide a potential solution that bridges the gap between pop-up events and permanent brick-and-mortar stores. Recognizing the challenges of opening a brick-and-mortar establishment, we aimed to offer a middle ground for the retail-based entrepreneurs we support.

The impact of urban core divestment cannot be overstated, as it has resulted in residents needing to travel significant distances—often up to 5 miles—to access basic shopping amenities. This trend not only limits the circulation of dollars within these communities, but also contributes to economic stagnation and reduced opportunities for local businesses.

To combat this issue, we have launched the PHKC 811 Retail Incubator, a project designed to empower entrepreneurs and revitalize urban neighborhoods. Through this initiative, we provide (8) aspiring entrepreneurs with comprehensive support, including access to incubator-style programming. This programming encompasses a range of resources, from low-lease rates and short-term leases to targeted educational materials tailored specifically for early-stage ‘main street’ retail-focused entrepreneurs.

By offering this support system, we aim to equip entrepreneurs with the practical skills and knowledge needed to navigate the challenges of running a retail business successfully. Moreover, the collaborative and nurturing environment fostered within the incubator ensures that participants can learn and grow quickly, ultimately contributing to the revitalization of their communities.


Retail-Focused Pods

These Retail Pods (8 Total) will be separated by a mobile partition, allowing businesses to create individualized retail experiences. Each Pod (Lease) will also include storage space as well as digital displays, serving as in-store advertising and signage.

7 Pods will be:
Size: 5 x 6
Lease Rate (Per Month): $300

1 Pod (Pod+) will be:
Size: 5 x 12
Lease Rate (Per Month): $400

Designated Hours

These retail-focused business owners will need to operate their spaces for a set number of hours each week. Additionally, they will be required to attend a weekly educational component aimed at improving their skills and understanding of managing a physical space.

Open for Public:
Wednesday – Friday: 12:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Saturday: 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Work Day for Learning:
Monday – Tuesday: CLOSED to Public, but a Work Day for retail-focused business owners to participate in programming.

    Productivity Hubs

    Specific zones on the ground level of the 811 Retail Incubator carefully crafted to cater to the needs of our (8) entrepreneurs. These designated hubs provide the perfect environment for focused tasks, collaborative endeavors, and productivity-boosting activities. Equipped with amenities like comfortable seating, technology access, brainstorming aids, and peaceful areas for uninterrupted concentration, these spaces are designed to optimize work efficiency, brainstorming tools, and quiet areas for concentration.

    Coffee Bar

    Serving as a communal focal point in the Incubator, the coffee bar will be accessible to incubator and co-working entrepreneurs.

    High Speed Internet

    Access to high-speed internet available throughout the space. This access will be granted to entrepreneurs leasing the 8 Retail Pods, co-working entrepreneurs, and event organizers.


    An area that allows entrepreneurs to safely store inventory when they are not working in their booths.

    Restroom / Changing Room

    While restrooms are required to meet building code, we have intentionally created a larger area for customers to visit the space with the option to try on apparel.


    Multi-Purpose (Classroom, Event Space, Co-Working, Meeting Space)

    The upstairs level of the 811 Retail Incubator will be used as a multi-purpose – classroom, co-working, meeting, and event space. This area will be laid out with an open concept to fit roughly 50-60 individuals.

    Event Space

    With an open floor plan downstairs, upstairs, and an outside deck area, both of these event spaces will provide an opportunity for Incubator, co-working, and community members to visit, network, and build relationships.

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