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Who Are We?

The Porter House KC was founded to change how entrepreneurship was viewed by advocating for a broader ecosystem, providing assistance, and giving entrepreneurs of color the chance to grow their businesses to success. We bring a combination of a safe place to seek help and support with the education, mentorship, and strategic planning to get your business on the road to victory.

Whether you are just starting your business, looking to grow your existing one, or trying to maneuver through a thriving enterprise, we are there every step of the way.

We Are Here For Your Success

We are the bridge between underrepresented business owners and the access to the support, education, and resources to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.

We provide multiple programs that help connect entrepreneurs to mentors, grow soft skills, learn management techniques, problem-solving, accounting, legalities, strategic planning, and everything else that goes into opening and running a successful business. Each of our programs has both in-person and online teachings by PHKC staff and other business experts within the community. Our programs are designed to give businesses a focused approach relevant to their needs and beneficial to the success of their company.

Our Mission:

To provide for under-served and underrepresented communities and give entrepreneurs access to start, grow, and thrive in business.



“I am so appreciative of an organization like them doing things like this because a lot of us start off in business without the proper knowledge or education, so with what Porter House is doing is SOOOO needed & greatly appreciated. I will continue supporting them the best I can.”


Miko Richardson
Owner, Shots By Miko
“Entrepreneurs have a lot stacked against them, as do underserved populations. Being an underserved entrepreneur it’s an enormous uphill battle, and Porter House KC is one of the best examples in Kansas City of how to support those individuals. Our community is so lucky to have an organization like PHKC.”


Adam Arredondo
KC Startup Foundation
“The Porter House KC is a vital organization in Kansas City providing access to business professionals and their resources to the urban core/underserved business community… They genuinely want to see you succeed as it’s confirmation their work is not in vain.”


Shakia Webb

“The work Porter House KC is doing to revitalize urban core communities through entrepreneurship is critical to the Kansas City economy, and the urban communities they serve.”


Dell Gines
Senior Community Development Advisor
“The Porter House has done an absolutely phenomenal job bringing together early-stage entrepreneurs with the knowledge resources needed to help them grow! Every community needs a “for us by us” resource that the business owners can relate to, and for me, Porter House has done a great job providing that relatable mentorship.”


Eze Redwood
Wings Cafe
“I support the Porter House KC because they’re providing the opportunities and knowledge for our under-resourced entrepreneurs.”


Davin Gordon

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