We Are No Longer Accepting Applications for 2023.


A few years back we had a chance conversation with a leader within the JP Morgan Chase foundation about the work we were doing here in the Kansas City area for local small business owners. Long story short, nothing came of that brief encounter outside of an awareness of who we were and the motivation to keep… our focus on the work and mission of what The Porter House KC remains to be.

Fast forward to the middle of 2021, after quietly following our work, JP Morgan Chase came back to us with an opportunity to do one simple thing… supporting the underrepresented small business community in Kansas City. And fast forward to NOW, we are excited to share this new partnership with JP Morgan Chase on celebrating their newest bank branch opening in the Kansas City Metro area.

…And what better way to celebrate a grand opening, the community that it will be representing, and ultimately the small business owners of Kansas City, than by sharing (and celebrating / recognizing) the small businesses that are also… doing the work 🥳

We are excited to introduce a BRAND NEW opportunity that we are calling the SCALE DEEP GRANT (p.s. you should read this article about what the phrase “scale deep” means to us, and why it resonates so heavily to the work that we do).

What is it?

The PHKC “Scale Deep” Grant provides a total of $30,000.00 dispersed to three different small business owners within the Kansas City community who continue to build viable businesses ready for growth and sustainability.

What does that mean?

To put it simply, (with the support from JP Morgan Chase) the PHKC “Scale Deep” Grant Application will provide 3 businesses up to $15,000 in funding support (specifically in these four “needs” categories):

  • Back Office Supports
  • Equipment Cost
  • Rental Assistance
  • General System Needs

* All ideas, regardless of industry, are eligible so long as they fit within the parameters listed above.

What is the prize break-down?

This Grant Application is broken up into 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place (similar to a Pitch Competition, but there’s no “live pitching” at the end 🙂).

  • 1st PLACE: $15,000.00 (YOU READ THAT RIGHT)
  • 2nd PLACE: $10,000.00 (MY GOODNESS)
  • 3rd PLACE: $5,000.00 (SHEESH)

If I’m not ‘live pitching’, how will the awardees be determined?

Rather than host a live-pitch (and because there’s already a program that does this *coughs* The Alchemy Sandbox Program *coughs*), we decided that providing business owners the opportunity to share out their businesses through application and 5 minute video would give each of you enough time to showcase (and potentially take the “pitch nerves” off of) each of your businesses while also still having the opportunity for funding (because accessibility for our business owners continues to be everything for us). Panel Judges will be sent your application, along with your 5 minute video, and will use this information to determine the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awardees.

* REMINDER: This grant application is NOT about the presentation of your video (i.e. do NOT go out and hire someone to make a 5 minute video), but a way to share who you are, the work your business does, and the “why you” for funding. *

Are there any other requirements?

The short answer is, NO. However, the PHKC “Scale Deep” Grant Application is best position to help businesses that:

  • Have been in business at least 6 months
  • Located in Kansas City, Missouri metropolitan area (Kansas City, MO / Kansas City, KS)
  • Have strong, clearly defined business ideas, and current offerings
  • Have a clear need for funding support

How to apply:

Because this opportunity hasn’t been “officially” released to the public yet, the website links are still hidden. HOWEVER, HERE is the link to direct grant application. And like I said, steps to apply are:

  1. Complete the application (while not ALL fields are required, the more information for the Panel Judges, the better)
  2. Upload a YouTube / (accessible) Video Link (within the application)

When does the application close?

The “Scale Deep” Grant Application closed October 24th, at 11:59 PM. We are no longer accepting applications.

Take the Next Steps towards a Thriving Business.

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